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Specially Made BS463 Sockets

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This week we have completed a project for one of our bespoke BS463:1958 sockets. This 1.3/4″ specially made sockets has been tailored to our customers technical drawings.

Sockets are used as a connection to attach steel wire rope to a fixed point. This may be an anchoring system for tubes or pipes, anchor wires for dredging materials, anchor cables for oil platforms, fastening points for towing cables or for fastening cables in constructions such as bridges, roofs etc.

Sockets are the strongest steel wire rope end fittings available. Sockets are designed for in-line use only. If they are assembled in the proper way they meet or exceed the breaking strength of the steel wire rope.

Brierley Lifting Tackle offers a large range of sockets from stock along with these bespoke items. For more information, please contact us.