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Who are Brierley Lifting Tackle?

We are a traditional lifting tackle company who have become known worldwide for its quality lifting products. For over 40 years the company has been involved in the forging of shackles, eyebolts, rigging screws and many associated products. We are best known for being one of the remaining British companies still producing quality British Standard equipment to the high specifications required for the safety in this industry.

We are well known within the trade for supplying quality products. We have a wealth of quality and technical knowledge between us –  with all of our employees having been involved in the industry at some stage of their careers, from manufacture through to the finished goods.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the industry, we can generally help with any problem, technical or otherwise.

Brierley Lifting Tackle is the leading distributor for Green Pin® products in the UK. Having worked with Van Beest since the mid 1990s and securing the agency in 2000, the strong affiliation with their Green Pin® range strengthens the current product range which we currently offer.


What is green pin?

Launched in the 1970s by Van Beest, the trade name Green Pin® was launched to emphasize product quality, recognition and demand worldwide. 

The Green Pin® Shackles are the leading brand for premium quality Shackles and are manufactured in their production unit in Slieldrecht, The Netherlands. The Green Pin® range also offers other superior lifting and lashing equipment including Turnbuckles, Hooks, Eyebolts and their highly developed Green Pin Tycan® Chains.


Green Pin lifting shackle in use

The Green Pin® designs and quality standards are the result of requirements put forward by customers in the markets throughout the world. The Green Pin® products comply with a wide range of internationally recognized standards which can be supplied with various certificates upon request.

The designs and quality standards of our products are the result of the support from our customers in markets throughout the world. The products of Brierley Lifting Tackle comply with a wide range of internationally recognized standards and can be supplied with various certificates upon request.

We are also ISO 9001:2015 approved!

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