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NEW: Green Pin Swivel with Safety Bolt

We at Brierley Lifting would like to introduce the new Green Pin Jaw-Eye Swivel with Safety Bolt.

With rigging applications using both steel chains and wire ropes, Green Pin® is a leading brand for high quality swivels. The large Green Pin® swivel range has been incorporated into many industries including general lifting, aquaculture, subsea and construction. 

The Green Pin® EJ G-7733 Swivel is the latest addition to the Green Pin® Swivel collection. This new swivel includes a jaw-eye featuring a safty bolt. The allows improved safety measures while allowing controlled rotation for positioning the load. The swivel is made from high tensile steel and can even be used under water! The size range of the Green Pin® swivel is grom WLL 0.6t to a 5.7t.

If you require any information on this new innovative product, please call us on 01384 89300 or